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2018 FA Cup Final

Reserve your ticket now

Imagine your Team reaching the Final of the 2018 FA Cup Final

Every TeamTix you buy guarantees your right to buy a face value ticket to the 2018 FA Cup Final IF your chosen Team reaches the Final!

Follow your team to the game

So now, even before a ball has been kicked in the season, you can invite your guests to the 2018 FA Cup Final promising prestigious Club Wembley seats and experience If their Team reaches the Final!

With TeamTix your Club Wembley seats are uniquely linked to the team you know your colleagues, customers or suppliers want to see.

When they go, you go!

The ultimate seats but ONLY if the team you support is in the Final!

If the team gets there you and your guests will have a great day. If the team gets knocked out you will still have enjoyed the kudos of having invited them to their ultimate game!

TeamTix are NOT tickets. TeamTix are team specific reservations for the right and obligation to purchase a face value ticket, if and only if the team the TeamTix is linked to qualifies to play in the 2018 FA Cup Final. The price of the face value ticket(s) is an additional amount you pay over and above the price you paid for your TeamTix, if your team qualifies for the 2018 FA Cup Final. If your team does not qualify for the 2018 FA Cup Final, you will not receive a refund for the purchase of your TeamTix.

Buying TeamTix:

Purchasing TeamTix is the only way to guarantee yourself face value tickets sitting within the Club Wembley corporate seating, IF your chosen team qualifies for the 2018 FA Cup Final. The face value ticket price is known at the time of buying a TeamTix and you only have to pay this if your chosen team actually makes it to the 2018 FA Cup Final.