How TeamTix Works

TeamTix 101

Every fan wants to go to the 2014 Super Bowl.

With TeamTix, fans can reserve their face value tickets, parties, shows, and hotels, before their team qualifies.

So, let your team do the fighting for you.

TeamTix are team specific reservations — you follow your team to the game.

When they win, you will be there too.

TeamTix means no last minute pushing and shoving for access to sold out venues.

TeamTix 411

TeamTix are NOT tickets. TeamTix are team specific reservations for the right and obligation to purchase a face value ticket, if and only if your team qualifies to play in the game. The price of the face value ticket(s) is an amount you pay that is over and above the amount you pay for the TeamTix, if your team qualifies for the game. If your team does not qualify for the game, there is NO refund for your TeamTix.

For Example, you can purchase TeamTix for your favorite team, if your team qualifies to play in the game your TeamTix give you the right to purchase face value tickets to the game. Your total purchase price will be the price paid for your TeamTix (Charged Immediately) + face value/shipping fees (Only if team Makes it).

3 Features Of The TeamTix Marketplace

Buying TeamTix

Purchasing TeamTix is the best way to guarantee yourself face value tickets, if your team qualifies for the game. TeamTix prices can fluctuate greatly throughout the season, as prices are dictated by the demand of the market, which is driven by teams' performance. The earlier you buy, the less expensive TeamTix prices are for the top teams.

Bidding on TeamTix:

Bidding on TeamTix does not mean that you have bought TeamTix. In order for your bid-to-buy to become TeamTix your bid MUST be accepted by an existing TeamTix owner's offer-to-sell. IF your bid is NOT accepted, you will not own TeamTix nor be eligible to purchase face value tickets. You can cancel your bid and withdraw your money at any point before your bid is accepted through (see the wallet section for wallet and withdrawal policies.) Please remember, our markets are live 24x7. It is YOUR responsibility to cancel bids before they are accepted.

Subject to withdrawal period (30 days) if Bid is cancelled or the market has closed prior to your Bid matching an Offer to Sell.

Selling TeamTix:

You can offer your TeamTix up for sale at any point prior to your team being eliminated from Playoff contention. These offers are real time transacting at anytime, meaning if you offer your TeamTix up for sale, they can be purchased by another user at anytime while the market is open. You always have the ability to remove or modify your Offer to Sell at any point prior to your offer matching a buy order. It is your responsibility to monitor your offers-to-sell. If you are having trouble selling your TeamTix we suggest you offer your TeamTix at a more attractive price, and elect to break up your order.

Forward Market pioneer, Rick Harmon, talks about the NYNJ TeamTix Market.